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Self Billing Agreement

HC Traffic Ltd agrees to issue self-billed invoices for all supplies made to them by the publisher until the following date: 31/12/2022

HC Traffic Ltd agrees to complete self-billed invoices showing the publishers name, address and VAT registration number (where applicable), as well as all the other details that make up a full VAT invoice.

HC Traffic Ltd agrees to make a new self-billing agreement in the event that their VAT registration number changes.

HC Traffic Ltd agrees to inform the supplier if the issue of self-billed invoices will be outsourced to a third party.

The publisher agrees to accept invoices raised by the HC Traffic Ltd on their behalf until the following date: 31/12/2022

The publisher agrees not to raise sales invoices for the transactions covered by this agreement.

The publisher agrees to notify HC Traffic Ltd immediately if they change their VAT registration number, stop being VAT registered or sell their business (or part of their business)

For any queries regarding publisher self-billing procedures please contact us

A copy of our self-billing agreement is available to view at

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