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HC Traffic FAQ




Why is there a $1000 minimum deposit?

This is because we only want to work with the top advertisers in the industry. By lowering our minimum deposit we would be opening the network up to less professional advertisers and increasing the risk of malware and bad advertising practices.

If this is really an issue come see us at a show and if we can meet you in person we might be able to work something out.

What is behavioural retargeting?

Behavioural retargeting works when you place a pixel somewhere on your site which is viewed by prospective customers. A cookie is placed on the users computer and this is checked for whenever a pop under is run. This allows an advertiser to run campaigns targeting only users in those audience lists.

A good example of where retargeting is really effective is converting users from a free lead to a paid sign up. A pixel would be placed on the email confirmation page for the free sign up. A retargeting campaign can then draw users back to your site by advertising special offers etc. This can be a very effective way of increasing your long-term return on investment.


What is the SEOsafe engine?

The SEOsafe engine protects your website from any negative organic search penalties. In 2011 Google overhauled the way they rank websites in their organic listings. The release of the "Panda" update in February 2011 targeted low content sites which were used primarily to run advertising. The "Penguin" update in April 2012 saw the search engine giant again tweak their algorithm to remove overly optimised sites from their listings. The search engines are constantly evolving and your choice of advertising network directly affects your organic search rankings.

Our SEOsafe engine detects search engine bots, crawlers, indexers and automated browser tests. We analyse the IP address, http user agent, referrer and geographic location and quantity of requests to identify search engine software and staff. If we suspect a request is from these sources the script outputs blank content meaning nothing pops up and the file is shown as a plain javascript file which will not incur any penalties.

We keep up to date with all the latest algorithm updates and SEO information. Here are some great resources where you can learn more about search engine optimisation:

How can I block exit pops as standard?

When you setup a new zone click "Advanced Settings" Then "Set Rules" and just untick the box that says allow exit pops box. You also have options to block retargeting campaigns, auto-play sound and pages that do a focus() command making them more like pop overs.

set advertising rules

What are the payment thresholds? When will I get paid?

The minimum payment threshold is $100 USD for paypal payments and $500 USD for bank wires. Payments are monthly to start with but if you can generate $1000+/week consistently your account rep will move you on to weekly payments. Invoices are raised on the 1st of the month for the previous months traffic and payments should be with you within 7 working days. For weekly payments an invoice is raised on the Monday for the previous Monday to Sundays traffic and payment goes out usually by the Wednesday but allow 7 working days for it to be in your account.

You can see the latest invoices and payments under the payments tab in your account.

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